Friday, October 21, 2016

Lyndy's New Couch

This is the couch I made from the Habitat chair.  Now I am making the cushions for it.  The webbing is fire hose (nice stuff) this one is not too stiff and heavy.  

Our new couch and chair were delivered so now I can take the old couch and chair apart.  I hope this works well.  The couch doesn't have arms because it is going to line up with a table (also of fire hose webbing) to make a guest bed.  Everything in a tiny house has to do at least two things.  Lyndy has done a great job designing this house; with help from John of course.  

I hope either the couch or Lyndy's danish chair, is comfortable, in the end. The only other thing to sit on is a couple of folding chairs, which are actually pretty comfortable, and my favorite spot, the steps to the loft.    I hope I can finish this by Tuesday.   

1 comment:

  1. Nice job on the couch. Cool, fire hoses. Never would have thought of that.