Friday, September 30, 2016


The last 24 hours has brought 4-5" of rain.  It has been pretty manageable here but Buffalo Creek is VERY high.  

I have always wished we had a creek going through the property here.  Once in awhile, when it rains very hard, the little washes on the east and west boundaries get to moving.  Today, when I opened the door, I could hear rushing water to the east and when I went over by the fiber shed I could hear the west branch.  The rush called to me so I went for a walk.  The sheep and geese acted as if it was just another day.

Here is the wash that is on the east side of the spring.  The spring didn't actually seem to be too influenced by the rain.

 This picture below is where the west wash has come over, at the bottom of the property to join the east wash.

All of the tributaries around here go into Buffalo Creek.  A few times a year, the creek goes over the low water bridge.

No crossing today.

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