Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our Perfectly Designed Home

A great part of the last two days, I have spent resting in my green chair in our living room trying to recover from a winter cold.  The cold gave me the opportunity to finish the book I was reading but, even better, I can watch the sheep graze from this chair.  This picture was taken in the early morning.

I love the way it worked out that we can see parts of the barnyard and pastures first thing in the morning from our bedroom,   (a little hard to see the sheep in this picture)

from the kitchen sink,

the sunroom/TV/office space, my seat at our dinner table,

and most importantly, now,  from my green chair.  (back to the first picture)

They say from studies, that if you have a view of trees from your hospital bed you will recover more quickly.  So imagine how quickly I can beat this cold with a view of my wonderful animal family from my comfy chair.

I remember, before I had the sheep, I used to look up at the pastures and imagine the sheep grazing up there.  I could really visualize them and they looked, then, just as they do, now, from my green chair.  I didn't visualize the geese, they are a bonus (when they are behaving).

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