Friday, August 14, 2015

Sometimes Feet, Sometimes Hands

Sometimes I create with my feet (previous blog) sometimes I create with my hands.

A couple of weeks ago, Beverly and I took a felting workshop called "Felting for Painters".  Most of the students in the class were painters, few had felted before.  The workshop combined wet and dry felting techniques.  The good thing about felting is you can put light over dark.  That is pretty hard to do with a painting, especially a watercolor.

The lower sky needs to be much lighter and the pastures defined more, but I can still do that.

This is not the right light but I was too lazy to find a better picture, I have only taken this picture a thousand times.

I have been wanting to do some landscapes for awhile, so it is nice to finely do one.  It is actually fun.

My sister Judy has been wanting me to do something for a room in her house (not sure what she calls the room) where she has some original art from most or all of her siblings.  I keep promising her something, so maybe it will be a felting or maybe some mud art.  I wonder which she would rather have.

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  1. Sue, The felting painting for Judy is beautiful! She will love it and I hope you'll do a lot more. About the muddy foot therapy idea... I think I do mine at the beach....Cathy