Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Weather Outside is Frightful

It rained 2 inches yesterday after a somewhat dry spell.  I alway find it interesting that no matter what the weather, I can always find a reason not to do something.  Too hot, too dry, too wet, too humid, too windy, too cold.

The puddle pond has sprung a leak.  It has no liner but the clay has been holding the water fine with a little evaporation which was filled by the next rain.  I filled it at the beginning of the week and then found it almost empty the next day, SOME evaporation.  I tried it again with the same results and decided to wait and let it drain more and see what was going on.  It was getting close but then it rained the 2" and now it is full again.  I should have been weed whacking over by the fence when it was dry but it was too hot, now it is too wet?  That's what I told myself.  This morning, the air was also too heavy besides the weeds being too wet.  So, I did what all good farmers do; I went to town to the farmer's market and to run some errands that are not so weather related.

I just love the fact that I can have a general plan for the week and then decide in the morning what to do that day.  Even with all of my putting off of chores, due to weather, I manage to get a fair amount of work done.  Another thing I find amusing is, when there is something I enjoy doing, but it is sunny and HOT, I just go do it and tell myself how healthy it is to sweat.  And then I take 2 or even 3 showers to keep resetting my energy.  I have sweat a lot building Lyndy's tiny house and I can get pretty sweaty in my fiber studio.  On the other hand, the bookwork I am so far behind with, doesn't ever seem to get done (even when it is hot and I could sit in an air-conditioned house).

Last week John and I took 3 days off and went to the Monongahela  National Forest where the weather was Delightful.  We sat on the screened porch of the lodge in rocking chairs reading magazines and painting the river.  I had to put a long sleeve shirt on a couple of times but I didn't mind that.  We took drives through the forest and hiked to a waterfall.  We ate good food and slept well.

I have turned the fan on for the sheep the last few days because there hasn't been much breeze.  They graze in the heavy rain and snow but still heat is what seems frightful to them.

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