Friday, April 24, 2015

Winds of CHANGE

The winds have been mounting.  Perhaps a whisper at first but now mumbling and groaning growing to sharp and cold but warm and gentle around the edges.  Why do we resist CHANGE?

I know the time is ripe with all that is happening now.  It has been coming and I have been wanting to pick up my roll but I have to complete the second project.

This month I have been organizing, orchestrating,  and and trying to pull off, two events.  The Shearing and Fiber Art event at Cabin Spring Farm was a big success with over 65 people enjoying learning about small scale fiber production and and fiber techniques and seizing the opportunity to buy beautiful woven art and fleece, roving and batts.  More on this later, but back to the yearning for change.

You know that the time is right when major influences in your life echo the same refrain.  I have been reading The Girl with no Shadow by Joanne Harris, one of my favorite authors.  The main characters are alway referring to the winds that keep trying to dislodge them.  Last night, as part of "April Earth Arts"  we showed Rivers and Tides, working with time, a documentary of the moving art of Andy Goldsworthy.  His work is all about CHANGE.  Then this morning, I was reading Paulo Coelho's blog  Now, I will continue to contemplate the journey but patiently wait a few more days until current responsibilities are completed.

Soon, I will have an opportunity to be in a place of transition and then-- the trying on of the New.

Sal, has decide to try something new as well.  She is entering day 3 of nest sitting.  We are excited but have no expectations.  The sheep are lounging in their new spring coats free of fall and winter debris, and the 3 new chickens scuttle around the barnyard.

As I ponder the upcoming changes, the wind on top of this hill, has been constant but changing.  Howling and shuddering and whistling and rumbling.  And fierce at times but laced with gentleness.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night with the gusts outside and the commotion inside of new ideas and possibilities.

I haven't been writing lately and it has made me uncomfortable.  In the film last night, Andy Goldsworthy was talking about if he doesn't work for a couple of weeks he doesn't know himself.  I think I feel the same if I don't write.  I think more writing will be a major part of the transitioning period.
Stay tuned.

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  1. Hmmm, curious about your change. I hope Sal hatches some eggs. Glad to hear you got more chickens. I've been slack about blogging too. Sometimes it slips away. I miss it when I don't write also.