Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Ah, the opportunities when things overlap.

  Monday there were 10 kids here, in the house, for a "no school fiber day".  Since there was no school Tuesday either (teacher inservice), we had a second day of fiber fun with 5.  Monday afternoon, I received an email from a fiber artist in the Lynchburg area, asking if she and two friends could tour the farm on Tuesday.  I hate to turn down anyone for a farm tour, especially a fiber enthusiast, so I explained the situation and invited them to come see our fiber art in progress and take a peak at the rest of the farm.  I found out that the reason they were coming to Lexington was to put some felt hats in the Stitchin Post, a local fiber arts store.  I asked the artisan if she would come by the farm first so we could see her hats.  She did, everyone tried on hats, we took pictures, and had a great time together.  The women came just before we broke for lunch so I was able to give them a quick tour while the kids and Beverly ate lunch.

I am so glad I went with the overlap plan.  The kids had a lot of fun, the Lynchburg ladies enjoyed the farm and said they would be back, and I met someone else who wants to explore tapestry weaving.  You just never know what will happen when you don't allow yourself to get in the way of the overlapping plans of the Universe.

When we lived on the Cape,  MANY people came to visit in the summer.  We never said "no" to anyone so there was often an overlap of some family members and friends that did not initially know each other.  I remember one visitor once remarking that it was always fun to see who would be overlapping their visit.  One summer, Lyndy commented to me that there were only 2 days, I think it was,  the whole summer that no one was at our house.  I had not realized.  No one ever wanted to be entertained so it was easy.

Distaff Day at Bowerwood last week went great!  We had 11 spinners and a few spectators.  When I arrived to open the doors and set up some chairs, 3 people I did not know, were just arriving for an indoor picnic.  One introduced herself as one of the founders of Boxerwood.  She told me they came for a walk around and a picnic and heard the spinners were going to be there, so they would stay out of the way.  I insisted they use the big table in the area between where we were and the kitchen.  At that time, I had no idea how many spinners would be there, but was used to overlapping and knew it was the right thing to do.

A photographer from our weekly paper, came by to take some pictures of us spinning and turns out she is an old friend of one of the picnickers, so they catch up.  Overlapping, is an interesting phenomena.

Here are a few pictures from "no school fiber day".   The repeat campers are getting older and taller and  I remember when they were as young as the camper in the last picture.

Such concentration, I love it.

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  1. I think it's really sweet you've known these kids since they were smaller and they continue to show and interest in what you're teaching them. A gift for all of you.