Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Late January Snow

This morning it was raining and the animals wanted to come out and graze. I told them later because I needed to finish some drum carding so I could give my neighbor her drum carder back for awhile. As I was carding I looked out and saw the light rain had turned to snow and it was snowing heavily opps.

To make up for not letting them out before the ground got covered, I gave everyone their apple cider vinegar (ACV) and some grain.

The rooster kept crowing and crowing and I thought it might be a "Lassie thing" but when I went to the barn everything looked O.K. except the chickens don't like the snow and they were holed up in the barn-- better than the coop I should think.

The snow is very beautiful

and we have had very little this year but I am not as excited about the snow as I usually am. Could be the 49 degrees of yesterday and a phone call, last night, with one of my sisters about dogwoods, got me to thinking about Spring and lambing and now I want the calendar to move forward a little faster.

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  1. Yes, it's pretty snow but I think sunshine is prettier.

    Our chickens our out walking in the snow. They don't seem to mind it. The goats and donkeys, on the other hand, are in their shelters watching the white stuff fall from their doorways.