Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Porch Serenade

Early Morning after a night rain
Wrapped in robe and blankets
Swaying on the porch swing

The Mocking Bird yaps from the closest tree
How many languages?
Another bird then, like me, knows only one

Faint gobbling of wild turkeys in a distant forrest
Other birds too and then a lull
Dueling drips from the porch roof join the chorus

Little Gray scratching the porch woodpile
Brings the memory of a cigar banjo twang
Then offers another pitch from a twig batted along the porch

I try to ignore the early flights that cross the sky
The lumber mill starting up
Really? another plane?

Ah, back to mourning dove's forlorn cry
Moos of neighbor cattle
And the dueling drops have now become a symphony

Monday, March 23, 2020

A Great Wave of Gratitude

Last night I was looking at my computer wallpaper and I was suddenly aware of a great wave of gratitude.  The picture is of one of my best friends at one of my favorite places on earth with a look of contemplation.  I was grateful for my friend for sure but also for every blade of grass, ever grain of sand, the mountains and on and on.  What an exhilarating feeling.

In mid December, during a shamanic journey, I asked "owl" one of my guides, for wisdom for comfort.  He replied,"people are not in control".  I remember thinking that was really comforting.  It was comforting because we had been talking about how humans were continually really messing up the earth.  I think the thought is still comforting as we go through a global pandemic but I am not sure why.  Maybe it is because, since we are not in control of the virus, we have to stop flying which is a great relief to our Mother Earth.  Maybe we are using up fewer resources at this time as well.  There are some plusses to these troubling times.  Much to contemplate.

I am grateful for the comfort of this place I call home.  The mountains have always been a source of peace for me I think. I am grateful for my wonderiful husband and his enduring sense of humor.  He always has such interesting comments.  I am fortunate to have much space and many interesting projects.  I just wish I could have the help I anticipated having, to complete some of these projects.  When John's projects wane he helps with some of mine.  For that, I am super grateful.  I am making progress.
   I hope my feelings are shared by many.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

My Life is Joyful

I am grateful for the signs of Spring which officially comes in one week.  I am grateful that I can still sling a shovel and operate a backhoe.  Tomorrow's challenge is to remove the rock in the back corner.

It is difficult digging in the clay but it will make a good base.  Can't wait for the next step, stay tuned.

Many things are changing in life this week but many more are the same and dependable for example this project.  I already have half of the blocks I will need and the rest I can buy; most stores are still open.  May get some rain tomorrow.  We haven't had rain in awhile.  I cleaned up our bedroom today and now that my clutter is gone, it looks great.  On to the next room.  Plenty of projects inside and out.  I am grateful that I don't have to wonder if I am going to have a job next week. 

My job is to make sure those around me have what they need and for that I am grateful as well.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


I love lichen.  They are SO interesting.  I want to find someone nearby that can identify the 5 or more
lichen that sit in this container.  We have such an abundance of lichen.  I read that lichen are like a canary in a coal mine and if they disappear the air quality is not good.  Good to know we have good air to breath and for that I am grateful!

And this is the color that comes from one of the lichen that grows on the trees here.  AMAZING

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Just Right

I am grateful for evergreens and the winter color of flowers and berries.  There are many signs that Spring is not far away but it is still winter.  We could and may get more snow.  We could have single digit nights still, but unlikely.  I am grateful for each season as it comes even though I am not alway ready to leave the one we are in.

I love the things that don't seem to fit the seasons, like the yellow flower of Winter Jasmine.  Yellow flowers seem to belong in Spring and Summer.  I love the new little tufts of green grass.  I love when there is a warm wind where there should be a cold.  I heard the rumble of distant thunder a few days ago.

I am grateful for the clear blue sky today after days of clouds and I will be grateful for the next rain when it comes even though we had at least 5 inches of rain in the past few days.   

Some of the things that seem out of season or more severe may be signs of climate change but I am grateful that Mother Earth has ways of making mankind take notice.  I am always grateful for reminders when I need to take action. 

There are many things that are not the way I would like them to be but there are many more that are just right.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Grateful That People Care About Each Other

How is a blog classified?  Where does it fall?  Closer to a letter, group letter, email, post card, or train of thought?  I think of the blogs I write, as personal letters to whoever in the universe finds them.  Kind of like a letter in a bottle.

Jane is writing a personal letter a month starting with this new year.  I wonder when I will get mine.  I do still have two friends that write letters to me though they are sometimes closer to notes.  I love letters!  We used to send them before computers.  I remember when a friend of mine told me that her daughter hated when her letters turned to emails.  I think is was something about the smell not being there... or was it that she loved holding something that her mother held close to her?

Remember when we were in elementary school and we had pen pals that lived in far off places?  Do kids do this anymore?  Do strangers still write letters to inmates they have never met? I bet people in prison treasure personal letters but maybe now they get emails.  One special thing about letters was that you could fold them up small and put them in a box that would hold them safely until the recipient wanted to reread them.  Try to find an old email that someone wrote you several years ago.

And then there are books of letters, maybe love letters, sent from and received by unknown people.  They often read like poetry.

I am grateful for each personal letter I receive, love to get post cards, and look forward to emails.  So grateful I am that someone cares enough to write.  Jane, I hope this last paragraph doesn't move me to the bottom of the list.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Gratitude for Seeds

John often asks me at the end of a day, "How was your day" and yesterday I replied that my day was good and added that the highlight of my day was separating seeds.

As soon as I said that, I thought it sounded funny or would to someone listening.  To me though, it was a special time.  I had been reading about some Native American tribes that know that it is their responsibility to take care of the plants' babies (seed) so that the seed can take care of their babies.  They even sing to the seed.

I had forgotten what zinnia seeds look like when I took the flower heads out of my cloth bag and they began to fall apart and then I remembered.  As I began to sort, I was taking pinches and dropping on this box and soon realized that I could hear when a seed dropped and then pick it out.

The whole experience was meditative (except trying to pick some of the seed up).

I would love to hear Native Americans  sing to their seed!  I shall try to remember to sing to the seed I collect and plant.