Sunday, February 23, 2014


55 pounds is what the fiber weighed in at.  After the wool consultation, I decided maybe I should have it all come back as yarn.  Taking in to consideration the waste that will not turn into yarn, I was told that there would be approximately 140- 4 ounce skeins.

I really liked the mill and the people.  The young woman that runs it has 30 or 40 sheep of her own and especially likes long wooled sheep so she appreciated the wool from Cabin Spring Farm.  She will be easy to work with and gave me some good ideas and says she will help through all phases of the process.  What a good feeling that gives me.  AND if I change my mind before November, and want some of it processed differently, that is O.K.

I came back home the next day and washed a bunch of fleece that was too short or too dirty to take to PA.  Then I got the rest sorted and ready to wash.  Yes, there is still much wool here but not so much that it is overwhelming like it was.  It is just so freeing to unload the holding shelf.  So many sheep farmers have a barn full of bags of fleece in the grease and I was beginning to see myself starting down that path.

Now I can turn my attention to the more creative aspects of wool production.  I decided to spin some orange and red locks and batting that I dyed a couple of weeks ago.  I really like the way it came out and for the first time I wanted to give yarn a name.  I call this yarn "fire dance".

 I need to "unload" more than 55 pounds of fiber.  I also need to unload 15 pounds of personal poundage.  I have been working on this for a few weeks now but seem to be stuck after loosing a few initial pounds.  The last 3 Saturdays (my weigh day) I have weighed the exact same weight.  The strange thing is, last week, when I was trying to get a rough idea of how much wool I had, I would weigh myself with a large bag of wool on the bathroom scale and then weigh just me and subtract.  Every time I stepped on the scale alone I weighed a different weight, weird.

Today, at my journey group, I realized that I also need to "unload" some thought forms.  Sometimes, I confuse busyness and chaos with productivity.  NOT the SAME.  This week I will strive to be quietly, peacefully, productive.  Chaos will merge with the order of the night sky.  I am inspired to spin some midnight blue yarn.

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  1. Hi Sue, The colors of your yarn are beautiful! Bill's violin was close to the color this past weekend. At this moment he won't let me come down and see the new color, that makes me a little nervous. cathy xo p.s.Put on your favorite knitted socks and do a little yoga, it does wonders....