Friday, February 7, 2014

Another Round of Hoof Trimming

 A Good day to trim hoofs and Zora volunteered to be first.   Cathy offered a lap to rest against.  
Mira looks like she is really enjoying the special treatment.  It almost looks like she is smiling.

 Best buddies after hanging out together.  

Cathy brought along a friend from Newport News who was visiting for the day.   Michelle jumped right in to the sheep hugging.  Today, the girls seemed especially comfortable and relaxed (no struggling to get up).

Unfortunately we were wrestling 8-10 extra lbs.  with all the winter coats, and much larger sheep.  The next time the sheep get their hoofs done they will also need to be sheared.  A two for one wrestle.  

We were able to do 20 hoofs today.  That leaves 16 for tomorrow (hoofs, not sheep) with my next two volunteers.  The sheep still left to do are mostly lighter and smaller but also harder to trick into going where I want them.  If I can't get Annie I am going to start having nightmares about her hoofs growing and growing like the woman in the book The Midwife by Jennifer Worth.  That woman wore large mens boots because her toe nails were so long.

Anyway, Thanks to Cathy and Michelle I can check 5 sheep off the to do list.  

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