Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Moving Weather Back and Forth

Emerald green river
A covered bridge
Ice faced blasted rock

White on white wind sentinels
Black and white on white
Cows standing in the snow
Red seed heads on sumac

Twinkling snow
A buried fence
8 foot ice cycles
Snow to the window

A bushy pony, a goat, a sheep
Together by the red barn

Animal tracks crossing train tracks
Visions of France's farmland
The whistle blows throughout

I took a train to Chicago on Sunday. (a story for another time)  The trip was surreal.   

I took some warm weather up with me and brought back some snow.  Funny how that works.  

 I was going to come home and tell the sheep and chickens they didn't know how good they have it, but then I heard the forecast... 8"-14" of snow on the way.

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