Friday, November 4, 2016

Animal Joy

Back from the southwest and a life of leisure.  We saw so many amazing incredible sights and couldn't get over how MUCH uninhabited land there is in this country.  If anyone is looking for a new home after next Tuesday and don't want to move out of the country, call me and I will give you some ideas of where you can go to get away from everything.

The whole week we were gone I only saw one sheep and a few cattle farms.  We saw a sign that said, "watch for deer next 37 miles" and another that said tortoise crossing", but we saw no deer and no tortoises.  We did see a few elk and a few buffalo.  We ate at a couple of restaurants that welcomed dogs on the patio.  We have a few restaurants here that allow dogs outside but these places had dog bowls and even served dog lunches and 1/2 off lunches if the dogs were in costume for Halloween (Karen's kind of place).

Now we are home where there are 9 sheep, 5 geese, and 4 chickens.  Whenever we go away and come back, I think about how good the animals have it here.  They may not realize this because only a few have lived anywhere else and they probably don't remember previous homes.

On the way down to the barn this afternoon, I saw one of those black and brown caterpillars that are suppose to indicate what kind of winter we are in for.  I forget which color is for mild and which is for harsh.  Some say you go by which color is prominent.  Some even say that winter starts out the way of the first color and then changes to correspond with the next color on the caterpillar.  I have seen these critters in various color combinations; sometimes front and back are brown with black in the middle, sometime vice versa, sometimes half and half.  Today's caterpillar was all black.  What does that mean??

Today, while I was helping with birdseed pickup, we were watching the migrating birds swirling around.   While we waited for people to come for their seed, we shared "squirrels stealing birdseed stories".    Animals bring so much joy.

The photo above was taken at Redrock Canyon Nevada where the tortoises live.

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  1. If I had a restaurant I'd give 1/2 off dog lunches if they were dressed up any time of the year.