Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I thought as technology advanced things were suppose to be simpler and better.  Not so with the way I have to get the photos to this blog now.  At least I can have photos again.  The above is a piece of felt I made a couple of weeks ago.

Lyndy's tiny house is looking even more beautiful.  It is even further along than this.  Now that I have figured out how to upload pics with the operating system, I will put the new ones up..... AND here they are.

Lots of electrical outlets.  They say you can never have enough.  I guess you don't want to run cords in a small space.

Check out the oak counter top in the bathroom.  Just enough room for a toothbrush.  To the right of the sink is a water tank with a clear strip to check the level of water.  Hopefully this tank won't be used much but it is a good idea to have it.

Finally pictures of the sheep after shearing.    What gorgeous sheep! Above is Gretta and below is Rosa.

Look how black Annie and Sarah look after shearing.  And I think the white sheep is Amelia.  It is hard to tell Amelia and Norma Jean apart when they have short fleece unless you are close to them.

Cirrus and Eloise seem to be together all the time and Sal wanders on her own sometimes of late.  I am not sure why that is.

The chickens are so curious about everything.  They go in the tiny house and today one even came in the fiber studio when I was cleaning up.  They put on so many miles in a day.  If I followed them around all day, I would be exhausted,  


  1. Hi, Susan!

    Your sheep look like soft velvet. Guess that will change as their wool grows. You may not remember me, but I sold candles at your shearing event.

    We have some extra rain here, if you still need some ;)



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