Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Camera

This morning the local camera club had an outing at the library where they invited people to come in with their cameras and have individuals from the club sit down one to one and answer ?s.  So I went and learned some good things.  

My biggest problem with my cameras is that I don't have them when I want them.  This afternoon, however, as I walked down to feed the animals, I put my camera in one of my reusable shopping bags so I could put it over my shoulder and not bang it around.  When I was 1/2 way down to the barn I saw Cirrus and Sal practicing higher flight and they came over the fence again.  This temporary fence in the picture is a good 10 feet out from the barnyard fence.  They flew over everything but I was so caught up in it all that I didn't think to take the camera out of the bag.

I thought I would go ahead and feed the sheep their hay and see if the geese would fly back over but they started walking down the driveway.  I started walking back down to the gate and called them and they turned around and came walking back.  They walked back through the gate and went to their run and went right in- enough excitement for one day.

Then, I took my camera out and the sheep came to have their pictures taken.  Cirrus must have squawked

and Gretta and Zorra turned to see what he wanted.  Look at their beautiful fleece.

 The sheep don't like most of the tools I carry around.  But for some reason they love the camera and will often get too close for a picture.

Good geese hanging out in their run.  Unfortunately the puddle pond and their tub are frozen hard so
they are back to taking baths in a bucket of water again.  That is what I really wanted to get a picture of, why I brought my camera down to the barnyard, but I had to deal with a frost heavy under one of the doors to the geese pen

 and check the sheep's minerals and take some nice pictures of Amelia and Mira and Sarah blending in in the back.

I have a new way to take videos of the sheep and geese with my new mini iPad, but will have to wait until next week to try that.

I was so excited about the new things I learned about my camera this morning but now I will have to keep taking pictures so I don't forget all the things I learned.

I will try to remember to take some interesting pictures of everyone spinning tomorrow at our 3rd annual Distaff Day spinning.

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