Friday, June 14, 2013

Week One is Over

Cher was happy that we had Fiber Camp this week.  Extra treats every morning.

It has been a fun week and as usual, I learned much.  I think the campers learned a lot also and we had a great week over all.

The kids are super with the animals and have gained their trust.  Even Annie almost came over for treats.

This morning one of the campers decided we should take down things we had made to show the animals what we made with their fleece.  A couple of the kids reported that the sheep tried to eat the art.  I noticed that Zorra looked over to check out something.

Most of the campers this week were regulars at Cabin Spring Farm.  It is exciting to see how far they have come.  The home spun yarn is getting as good as mine, the weaving is getting more advanced, and  there was a needle felted horse and dolphin created this week.  And thanks to Beverly, there are a few pictures to be put on the website as soon as I can get to it.  Much of the artwork was not photographed but will be treasured  in my memory.

Next week, there will be a whole new group of campers, most of whom I have not met.  It will be interesting to see the new dynamics, and different strengths and talents.

Fiber Camp at Cabin Spring Farm has really taken off and I am appreciative of all who have helped spread the word.  This summer we have three weeks of camp scheduled in June and have had to turn away a few kids.  I hated to do it but even the new enlarged fiber shed has a limited capacity.  With the greater numbers this year, I have had to reach out for help, and fortunately Beverly was available.  She has added greatly to the fiber camp experience with her genuine interest in each camper and their stories.  We could not have had such a great week without her.

I look forward to this weekend, to rest up and regroup, but can't wait for Week Two.

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