Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time to Draw the Line

I love living in the country.  I like encountering wild animals every day as I go about my circles BUT they are getting a little too close.

First it was the voles eating all my pea seed- twice.  I thought it was the chickens but now it seems it is voles. And now they are in the beds in the veggie garden eating onions and brussel sprout plants.

Next it was the palm size spider in the fiber shed.  Just to big to encounter when you are not thinking about it.  Then it was the opossum again on the porch and it looked at me like I was the intruder.  I had to go around to the front door to get in the house.

Back at the fiber shed, I opened a small bin to get something I needed, and was STUNG by a bumble bee.  Now that hurt.  It was stashing pollen in a piece of felt- in a bin (with a lid).  Is nothing off limits?

And there is the bluebird that wakes us every morning pecking on the window and making a mess of the sill, the glass (on several windows and a door) and my van where it sits on the rearview mirror and dropping stream down the door.

Yesterday, I went down to the cabin and found the dish drainer on the floor, a broken glass in many pieces, and footprints leading from the scene, around the corner and halfway up the stairs.  Couldn't make out the print well enough to guess what it was.

Enough is enough.  So I felted a snake to deter the bluebird for beginners.

It is now on the shower deck by the door that gets the yuckyist.  The rest of the deterrent plan is going to be about keeping compost buckets away from the side door deck, keeping the fiber shed floors corners and dark area clean and bright and... moving around a lot.  

As far as the bumble bees hiding in bins, maybe the next ones I buy,( bins not bees) I will check for tight fitting lids.  I am glad it wasn't one of the campers getting stung.  Now I can warn them to look before they grab and be ready with ice and clay.

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