Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not All Was Lost

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have at least 3 or 4 thousand words to write.  Somehow, the wonderful pictures I took last week were erased from my camera.

There were some incredible pictures.  The couple of my brother and my nephew coming down the mountain on our hike.  The especially wonderful one of Aaron on the huge boulder we were sharing as John fished.  Then there was the one I was going to show Gail, of a dogwood in the forest.  It was one of those pictures with the branches of the dogwood in focus and everything in the background blurred.  Aaron found a shiny green beetle and we took close-ups where you could look into it's eyes.  All lost!

There were other pictures of woodland wildflowers and the mountains, river, and sky.  The funny thing is, the day before I took these superb pictures, we were down at Buffalo Creek, fly fishing, and I didn't have my camera SO I looked closely and told myself to "remember these images and the special day".  The next day I made sure I had my camera.  I took several pictures, including the ones previously described, and looked at them on my camera.  I looked forward to seeing them in a larger format and including them on my blog.  Then I couldn't find my whatchamacallit that puts the pictures from the camera card onto the computer so I bought a new whatch......  When I went to download them, they were GONE.  Husband John had taken a few pictures to put on craigslist and told the camera to save the other pictures--- but it didn't.  He was sorry it happened and told me to bring them back (brother John and Aaron).

Sure wish I could bring them back.  I really enjoyed every minute they were here.  Not just the time fly fishing and hiking but also the hove trimming and manure hauling.  Aaron and I started out trimming the hooves.  The sheep were not particularly keen on getting flipped that day.  Then brother John came along and told us he had seen a movie where they were working with sheep out west so he knew how it was done and proceeded to show us.  He was actually pretty good.

We decided to let him help us.  Aaron took this fabulous picture of his dad and he didn't lose it.  I think of all the things we did while they were here this was probably their favorite.

Not a bad picture of Zora either.  She looks like she is enjoying herself.

Not up to 3 or 4 thousand words yet but with this one I think I can stop writing.  Many Thanks Aaron.

for some reason this picture is not clear, blown up in this context.  If anyone wants to see how great it really is, I can email it. 

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