Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Autumn Activities

The sheep and Beau have enjoyed coming up by the house to graze the last few days. The grass is premo and there are many new things to explore. The steps to the shop with the new pumpkin, the circle dyeing garden; where Jumpin Jack learned how to play the wind chimes, and the fringes. Sheep love fringes.

Now that the orchard has no fruit and few leaves, the sheep can enjoy strolling through. All the animals have been on good behavior and I only have to reroute them occasionally.

The browsers are very enthusiastic- I hope I don't regret them being so engaged. Right now their fleeces look beautiful but you never know where they may find burrs. The other day Mira was wearing a tree and John said it was a Halloween costume.

Official training began this morning. Beau is working on following, Amelia is working on letting me stand on her left side, Mira is working on letting me stand on her right side. I hadn't realized, until training began, that they are side sensitive. I wonder what I will find out tomorrow.

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