Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cold Mornings Amazing Afternoons

John said it felt warmer this morning when we got up and it was-- it was 32 degrees outside and 62 degrees inside.

Yesterday, it was 31 degrees outside and 59 degrees inside. We have woken up to a frost everyday for the last week, yes, starting in October. I hope this isn't the beginning of a long winter season.

Once the sun rises over the Blue Ridge Mountains, the day starts warming up and by 9:30 or so I start taking off layers. The problem is, I have to remember where I leave the layers, so I can put them on the next day. This morning I was looking for my down vest and winter hat and remembered I had left them on the railing down at the cabin. The vest was just a little cool and the hat slightly damp but not bad. A short while later I had to take the vest off again-- this time leaving it in the barn with an egg in the pocket.

The chickens don't like the cold mornings. John said they didn't come out until he had left the barnyard, this morning. Usually, they dash out as soon as the door is opened. We only find one or two eggs a day now that the weather and light have changed.

Beau and the sheep don't seem to have noticed or they just don't care. Actually, I think they like it better. Last night, as it cooled off again, they were doing their "four feet off the ground" hop and just generally playing around like lambs do.

It is a good thing I am home most of the day these days. With such short grass in the main pasture I have been letting the animals out for a good part of the day. I have let them come up by the house a couple of times this week and they really like that. Who says sheep are not smart or social. If they hear my voice or see me look at them, they coming running. If I don't want them to come down from up on the pasture, I have to be quiet and not look at them. Sarah will look over at me and if I make eye contact for more than two seconds she brings them all to me. It's great when I want them to come but if I don't--they look at me as if to say why did you call.

With all the Amazing afternoons this week, I have accomplished much. Harvested the last of veggies in the garden, weeded some of the dyeing garden, raked leaves and nuts, fenced part of the top pasture to rejuvenate, and hauled stuff to the compost. Tomorrow, it may rain but I need to make a new hay rack to accommodate more mouths.

I am loving getting so much done but I need some not so great weather to catch up with friends.

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  1. I'm glad we had a not-so-nice weather day so we could catch up. I hope your stomach got better fast. Mine wasn't so great either. Still a good lunch.