Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daylight Savings and a Full Moon

Not sure I like daylight savings. The chickens stay out too late and the sheep aren't ready to go in for the night so it makes extra trips to the barn. As it is, I didn't come in until 7:00 because I didn't know it was so late and I still have to go out again later.

Guess I just have to read the daylight better or put a clock in the barn. Do barns have clocks? I guess most people wear watches but that has never worked for me.

Here are the shapely sheep at Cabin Spring Farm.

Charlotte looks like she might have twins

Sarah is due in two days!! I hope she doesn't have triplets.

Amelia isn't due for a couple of weeks- how can that be?

I am still getting lambing jugs ready and trying to decide how I want to organize things. I decided that starting tonight I would close the sheep in the barn overnight and keep them in the small pasture during the days. That way maybe I won't have sheep delivering lambs in distant places. Also, a sheep farmer friend of mine said you have to watch out for buzzards when the lambs are first born and the small pasture is more closed in.

Already things are not going according to plans. I just went out to close the chickens in their coop and fed the sheep some grain in the barn but somehow three escaped when I wasn't ready. Oh well, tomorrow I will be smarter or change my plan. At least Sarah is in tonight.

It looks like the weather is going to be good for the beginning of lambing; warm days and nights above freezing. AND the moon is going to be full Saturday night. I wonder if full moons have the same effect on sheep near due as they do on humans near due.

Don't think I like daylight savings but I do like full moons.


  1. I never wear a watch either but now I carry my cell phone. Good for emergencies and always knowing the time.

  2. don't give in to wearing a watch, just leave an old one in the barn