Friday, February 5, 2010

Blue to the Rescue

It was looking like this weekend might be a rerun. Snow for sure- it has already started and we could get another 12" BUT we now have a beautiful blue 1972 3 cylinder Ford tractor with a snow scraper and chains. If this works I might still be watching an old classic with my favorite parts. Another inch and a half and John can put it to the test.

We debated for a long time whether we should buy a tractor. John had looked at this tractor last summer and we went back and forth for a long time before we decided it wasn't the right time. But now, with the third snow storm of the winter upon us and another likely "they say", we decided the time was right. John found the piece of paper with the guys number on it and the guy still had the tractor so we took this as an omen that we should go for it.

Charlie came over to check her out (are tractors female as boats are?). He gave me a tractor lesson and now I can go forward in many gears, go in reverse, and tell if the air filter needs changing. Still no chickens but I am really beginning to feel like a farmer now. What do you think Karen? Seems like the tractor needs a name- I suggested "Old Blue" but John says maybe something a little more exciting. Any ideas?

Now that we have the tractor we are starting to think of things we can do besides snow moving- like dirt moving. It is time to start thinking Spring even while enjoying the beauty of winter. At least I should order some seed. As soon as the snow goes and maybe before it will be time to plant greens.


  1. Yes, I think you guys are becoming farmers. Or maybe just sheep herders with a tractor. What to name it. I agree that old blue is a little trite and sounds like a coonhound. How about Buster Blue. (you remember Buster Brown?)

  2. I'm a bit jealous and wish you lived closer for just one more reason. Another neat thing you can do with it is attach an auger to dig more fence post holes. More fencing, more animals. I've never named a tractor. This will need more thought.

  3. Hi, My 1968 Camaro was called the Red Devil. How about the "Blue Angel"??(Angie?)Just a thought....Even I think it was a good decision to buy the tractor. It's pretty!!Cathy

  4. Everyone is getting lots of snow. Nate and desi got 27 inches in Philadelphia. We are suppose to get 4 to 6 inches in Tulsa (big deal for us). I think Sam is a good name for a tractor or Pete or Farmer Brown. Spring will eventually come.

  5. Great tractor! We plan to get a bigger one, also, when we can afford it. What we have will do for now.