Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My neighbor Charlie

Another cold day and the pasture is still covered with snow. "How long till the green grass comes back?", is the question I think I see in their eyes every time I go out to the barnyard. At least I drive to other places and see grass. My friend Karen and I were commenting yesterday that as we see big clumps of grass here and there along our travels we immediately think of them in terms of how our animals would love to be there munching. It is kind of like after I got my sheep and admired their fleece I started looking at people's hair in term of how it would be to spin. I think I need a trip to the city.
When I got home from work today my neighbor, Charlie, followed me up the driveway. He brought "the kids" some hay (so they would remember him he said). He is the one that takes care of our critters when we are away for a couple of days but today we are here. He has 30 some head of cattle and he brings our critters hay. What a neighbor!
John learned to drive Charlie's tractor and drop a hay bale for when Charlie and his nephew aren't available (which so far has been never) and I give Charlie goodies. John has given him quite a bit of help on his house and helped get his truck out of the ditch in the snow last week. I gave him a box of Christmas goodies. Oh well, maybe I give him something else that I am not aware of. Many people have given me important things that they are probably not aware of. My work is counseling kids and their families and one of the most important things I try to share with them is how everyone is connected and any little kindness affects all.

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  1. Connection and kindness. Wish we could teach that to the world.