Sunday, September 16, 2018

Saori Weaving, Natural Dyeing, and the Remnants of Hurricane Florence

No more excuses, I broke down and bought a new computer.  I am still figuring it out but I said "no more excuses". 

Here is a sampling of my new weavings with my Saori loom.  So far I am just using natural fleece or natural dyed fleece and yarn, so I don't have a great selection of colors.  There are many jars of dye bath in the fiber shed so I guess it is time to do some dyeing.  Many wonderful dye plants in bloom too.

We are starting to get rain from the hurricane now so the New England Aster will be beaten down and ready to be harvested.  The goldenrod is lovely this year so that will be one of my yellows.  Still looking for greens but I have some new ideas.  I think I just need to do more experimenting.  Look out the window,  GREEN everywhere so why haven't I found a whole pallet of greens?  

I was supposed to go camping with Rosemary tomorrow so I trimmed 12 hoofs to get that done before I went.  The rain is coming down heavily now so I am glad we postponed and very glad we got the hoofs done because it is going to be hard to do much is the barnyard for a few days.  Another good reason to dye some wool tomorrow.  

This might be one of those times that I go backwards with blogs to chronicle the County Fair "sheep to shawl" demonstration that 10 of us did and maybe a few other things.  

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