Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More Memory Photos

The family will be Cirrus, Sal, Eloise, Prince and Penelope.  The last egg was abandoned today and the family went for an outing.  They went as far as the puddle pond and stayed out all day.  Lots of wobbling and tipping.

 Gretta is very curious about the new arrivals.  She has gone up to them very closely but carefully a couple of time and the geese don't mind.  If the chickens are even in the remote vicinity, they get
charged by the geese.  They don't know what to think.

 I thought maybe Cirrus and Sal would be a little more organized this time with one in front and one bringing up the rear, like you always see with ducks and geese, but no.  They are, once again, very laid back parents that let their goslings swim across the pond on day 2 while they are on the other side.  I know we are talking tiny pond, but still.  Sometimes the three adults walk in triangle formation with the goslings within.

I was just glad they all walked into the run at dusk.

Day 3 of Fiber Camp was fun, what a great group of kids.  We started off the day asking the campers to remind us to take pictures, since Frances and I both forgot on the first 2 days.  We thought having 10 more people thinking about documenting our fun week would be what we needed but alas, day 3 went by with still no pictures.  When I realized this and said something, a couple of the campers said John took a picture of them when they toured the tiny house.  I asked him about it later and he told me that he took a picture of the "afternoon 8" up in the loft together.  Who lets 8 children go up in a tiny house loft all at once?  I am glad I was not there for the photo shoot.  I did want to see the picture though but when we looked on John's phone, we could not find it.  He said tomorrow he is going to tell them they have to do it again because one of them wasn't smiling.

I really do wish I had my camera this afternoon in the barnyard to record the tipping and wobbling, Gretta's curiosity, the big swim, and the rest, but I won't forget.  And how do you record the kindness and caring.  How do you photograph comrodery (sp), laughter, and summer friendship?

These are the important things.  These are my most treasured photos.  I just wish they were memory photos for all to hold close.

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