Saturday, November 22, 2014

The New Goose and Chicken Run

CIRRUS and Sal are so glad their puddle pond has melted.  It was frozen for several days.  

I love the ridges on their necks.    
Here are pictures of the new goose and chicken run.  It is really nice.  It looks a little over built in these pictures but it looks good in the whole scheme of things and I love being able to stand up in it.  Now the geese can swim at night when the water in the tub isn't frozen and skate if it is frozen.  I am not sure they like to skate though.

I just wish the geese wouldn't try to escape at night. They pace and dig and I am afraid they are going to let in what we have tried so hard to keep out.  

The geese love to get out in the morning and hang out all day with the sheep.  I wonder what they will do when we get chickens again.  It has been so cold that I think it might be better to wait until next spring to find out.

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