Monday, June 16, 2014

Moving Day

Yesterday was moving day for Cirrus and Sal.  Lyndy recorded the momentous occasion.  Now they are in the pasture with the sheep and chickens but still in a pen until they get bigger.

So much more room to stand and spread the wings.  Our little ones are growing up so fast.

 Now they have a bigger splash pool too.

Does Cirrus look happy or what?

The first visitor at the new home.  Gretta didn't know what to think.  Now they are used to the geese being in the neighborhood.  Cirrus and Sal seem to want to get out with the sheep but I am even nervous with them in the pen.  

Our hen that was attacked several days ago died today.  She seemed like she was getting better but I guess the injury was worse than we thought, or stress and heat after the attack.  She had been laying low but getting around.   It is always sad when we lose one of the animals that live at Cabin Spring Farm.

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