Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Did It Again

I got through 2 days of our shearing and fiber weekend without taking any pictures.  I am just going in too many directions to remember to take pictures.  I have asked people to take pictures every year but sometimes they don't show up and sometimes I can't figure out how to change the format.  Also it seems only part of the event get captured so  that doesn't work too well either.

 Here are a few pictures Courtney took last year.

We had a good crowd but sometimes
I feel funny sharing pictures of people on
this blog.  I am sure these guys don't care since you really can't identify them.

The fleeces were even more beautiful this year.

 This friend of Lyndy's is trying a new wig.

There was a great crowd yesterday for the shearing and demonstrations. We had fewer today but the people today all stayed a long while exploring all fiber techniques.  

I will take some pictures of Rosemary's and Jean's fiber art, that they did not sell, tomorrow.  

The event was free but we received some nice donations, everyone had a great time, and many thanked me personally for making this kind of event available.  Also, several of my fiber friends helped out and made everything run smoothly.   

I would say that this year's "Sheep Shearing and the Journey to Fiber Art" was a big success even if I don't have the proof to show it. 

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