Thursday, December 27, 2012

Animal Senses

The snow is melting and sliding off the roof of the garage/barn down by where the hay feeders are and every once in awhile the sheep all run back from the feeders.  The interesting thing is, I couldn't figure out what was scarring them for quite awhile because they were running just before the snow crashed to the ground.  They were sensing it.

They say animals react to many weather phenomena and when we had the earthquake a year (+ or-) ago, some people told me their animals senesced it before it happened but I have not personally been in the right place at the right time to be a witness to this early sensing before today.  It was so interesting to watch over and over after I realized what was going on.  They didn't all jump every time, some were definitely more sensitive.  What was especially interesting to watch was that the sheep who kept sensing the snow slides are the ones who look up when I come from a distance.  Some sheep keep eating and don't look up.

I am not sure if Cher jumped, I wasn't as aware of it, anyway.  I know she has good senses though.

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  1. My donkeys have a great sense of direction. We took Mac for a trail ride and twice on the way back he knew where to turn without us telling him and sometimes we didn't even see the trail. It's cool, isn't it?