Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Degree of Wetness

I think I don't mind all the rain we have been having so much because of the degree of wetness.  What I mean is-- although it has been precipitating for quite some time it is not so bad because it is really fogging and misting and drizzling and sprinkling and just plain being damp.  The sun comes out periodically so it is not so dreary and the grass is so green as we watch it grow.  And though the barn is mucky it is not soupy since I moved all the straw out last week.

I am looking forward to drier days but I can't complain about the rain.  The hedgerow is loving this weather.  I need to find the flax seed I stashed somewhere and get some chicory seed at the coop before the weather changes.  Also, should see if James has some horseradish.

The best thing is, it is cool and great weather for working or sleeping.  I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival over the weekend and the temperature was delightful.  Usually, it is too hot or raining and muggy.

The festival was good.  I connected with the people I wanted to and I didn't spend too much money.  New ideas and new inspiration.   A little of everything one goes to a fiber festival for.  And of course lots of sheep to look at  and talk to -- but none as beautiful as the ones who live at Cabin Spring Farm.

I am so glad I don't have huge sheep to take care of.  There are some BIG ones.  And no fleece as nice as the ones I am currently processing.  A friend came over last week to help me get started on the new fleeces.  I washed some last night and it is pretty amazing.  The Cotswold /CVM cross fleeces are softer than I expected.  They will be delightful to knit some sweaters out of next winter.

Now if I can just wash the rest of the fleeces over the campfire out front before the weather changes.  Drizzle is the best weather for washing fleece.

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