Monday, January 9, 2012

Planning Days

Rainy days are good planning days and today our mail carrier came up to the house with a package for me with a planning tool inside.

At Christmas time, I was talking to one of my brother-in-laws who makes really nice leather clipboards. He said he would make me one for a late birthday present and asked what size I wanted. I told him I liked legal size pads and today it came. Thanks Chuck it is beautiful.

Now, I can make many plans for 2012. I already started, but now it will be extra fun. What I really need though is a clipboard with a light in the clip somehow (will have to talk to Chuck about that) for all those ideas that come rushing to me at 3 A.M.

I am looking out the window at a beautiful raindrop bush. It is covered with drops like new shiny buds. Gail, do you have a picture of a droplet hanging from a branch? I love to look at the upside-down scene in them but I always forget why things are upside-down.

On the subject of cool things to take pictures of, part of the plans for the Cabin Spring Farm website, is to incorporate more pictures. I don't find images easy to work with on blogspot but I probably just need to spend more time figuring it out. I do have this blog on the header, so at least anyone who clicks on the blog can see more of what happens on the farm. Karen asked if I had a link from here to there and I don't think I ever actually did that so here it is.

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny and nice so I can continue planning sitting out in the sun. I wonder if a person makes different plans on a rainy day than a sunny day.

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