Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 A.M.-- OR-- My Husband Loves Our Animals

At 2 A.M. this morning I awoke to John asking me where the coyote's howling was coming from. I heard the coyotes but they howl alot so I usually wake up enough to get an idea where they are and go back to sleep. I guess I was still half asleep when John was talking. As I sat up enough to get a direction, I said they were up towards Tilsons. John jumped out of bed so I got up too. By the time I had some shoes on he was out the door--by the time I got out the door he was coming out of the shop with a stick to scare off coyotes or defend us.

I was still waking up as I got to the gate of the pasture several paces behind my brave and concerned husband. We had brought flashlights with us and John was using his to scan the barn and pasture looking for the animals. I was using my headlight, directed down as not to bother the animals. I called to Beau and the sheep. John's flashlight found them all up at the highest point in the pasture which was where it sounded like the coyotes were howling from. They seemed to be grazing peacefully until Beau came to see what we were doing out in the pasture at 2 A.M. As John shined his flashlight on Beau, Beau took his guarding pose and snorted. We talked to Beau, John counted 6 sheep, and we headed back.

The night sky was brilliant. No moon-just STARS and a cool crisp breeze. 49 degrees and we were out in our pajamas counting sheep. It all seemed so peaceful to me. I was never concerned and wasn't sure what it was about this night that concerned John. Was it all the problems a friend was having with coyotes in her area of the county, was it a dream he had had? What ever it was, I followed -- grateful that John cared so much for the animals.

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